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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Toys Made in the USA - Winter 2010

My friends know I'm on a constant quest to locate great products made in the USA.  I have to share a couple that I've seen recently that are appropriate for our winter weather.  Last year I'll admit to coveting the Zipfy Freestyle mini luge http://www.zipfy.com/.   But, at $50 + shipping I thought I could pass on it since I had pretty much completed my Christmas purchases for the kids.  This Christmas, my son was fortunate to get one delivered courtesy of Mr. S Claus. He might have acquired it with help from the elves at Costco for well less than last year's price.  Can't wait to sail down the hills on that thing if I can pry it away for a minute or twenty...

Also, I picked up a couple of snowball throwers (Sno-baller snowball makers) made in the USA last year on clearance and am happy to report that they make good snowballs and no one has been injured in the process of using them.  They get a big thumbs up.

Is it summer yet?

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