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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Growing Up - What's the Rush?

My kids are at a great age right now.  At 6 and 9, they are pretty self-sufficient - no bottoms to wipe, no clothes to pull on over heads, etc.  They are both readers now as well, and it is fun to take them places and hear their funny observations on the world around them.  One issue we've been dealing with on a more frequent basis is age-appropriate entertainment.  Many of my son's friends are now green-lighted for PG-13 movies and teen-rated video games.  I have to wonder what the rush is to introduce them to increasing levels of violence and mature content.  Can't we let them keep their innocence a little longer, let them use their imaginations for good?

And the girls - from Bratz dolls to revealing clothing for the preschool and early elementary set - and girls that use the word "sexy" and talk about their "boyfriends".  This can't be healthy, and can only lead to early entry into behaviors best reserved for adults. 

I observe a lot of hand-wringing among parents, but not a lot of effort put into curbing the loss of their childrens' innocence.   After all, how bad could Hannah Montana be (as Miley Cyrus does a stripper act onstage at the VMA's)?  Easy to talk the talk, a little harder to walk the walk.

Here are some links from the American Academy of Pediatrics relating to violent video games and sexual media content:

My friend Stacey (Thanks Stace!) also put me onto a great book on parenting called Bringing Up Geeks by MaryBeth Hicks.  Here is a link to her website with further information:


So, my kids will be the ones without TV in their rooms, watching their PG movies until they are MUCH older, and not being dropped off solo at the mall.  They'll thank me later, I hope. 

PS - Thanks Mom and Dad!

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